FLMH BY: Zackery Stelmashenko


I entered the Florida Museum of Natural History right after leaving the Harn Museum. I had already seen some great works of art so I did not know what to expect. The FLMNH surprised be however with everything from the displays to the butterfly garden. I can say with confidence that the trip left a smile on my face.

Nature on Display

I found the butterfly exhibit on the wall quote fascinating. It was separated by region and it was enjoyable looking at the variety of butterflies that exist around the world. I never truly paid attention to butterflies and assumed that there was not a wide variety in the world. The exhibit truly captured my attention and I learned to pay better attention to my surroundings and maybe I will just start to notice the small things such as butterflies in my daily life.

Nature and Ethics

I believe the exhibits did a decent job folloiwing Leopold and repecting the animals. Others around me did not seemed bothered by anything in the museum. Yet, the question still needs to be raised if holding wild animals such as snakes and frogs in captivity is correct. When you take these animals out of their natural habitat it messes with the life cycles and habitats themselves and can be viewed as unethical. In this particular exhibit I could not find another frog in with the one pictured.

Nature and Human Spirit

The museum pushed me out of my comfort zone as I am not an insect or amphibian fan myself. It showed me many different animals that exist outside of my vision in the natural world. This blowgun was an example of something that I believed represented the human spirit. It is not something we commonly see in the western world. But, is used for hunting purposes of these various animals in the east. It allowed me to connect with a society in which I am not familiar with and I am grateful for that.

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