parenting styles and how they AFFECT our behavior Human Development

All parents have different parenting styles but have no clue that all these styles fall under some categories of parenting. How your kid acts will show how you parented/disciplined them when they were younger. your child feeds off your energy and will act how you taught them. Here are a few parenting styles you may not know about


Democratic parenting is sometimes referred to as the hardest job in the world. Although there are millions of parenting books, your individual child is not born with a “how to raise me manual.” but this parenting style may help you tons. Everyone in the house is treated equally because who wants to be second best? When there is good behavior praise comes along with it so the know they are doing the right thing. You the parent(s) should have most control and power. The parent should also have the attitude of " I believe in you... it's okay we are both humans" so they child knows it's okay to not be perfect.


Authoritarian is nothing but high demands and low responsive reactions. These kids are punished harshly and lectured often. These parents have strict rules and high expectations and the kids get no freedom. These kids will grow up with poor social skills and fear of failure but will study, be respectable, and will be relatable to themselves.


There is nothing worse then having you kid have power over you. Permissive parenting allows that you the so called "parent" is more like a friend to our child. Your child has little to no guide lines. the parent is very loving and have low expectations of your child. No punishments always bribing your child to keep them happy. This will cause lack of self-discipline, insecure, and do as i please attitude. The child will be more creative and will have more assertive feelings towards others.


Nothing should be more important than the little one sitting next to you begging for attention because you're too busy with your job. Kids will start to act out if this happens and some parents wonder why their children get into trouble. The parent may not notice or care about the child. The parent is emotionally distant from the child and the sad thing is, is they may not even know their favorite food or color. This could lead to the child to have no trust or relationship with you in the future, could cause substance abuse down the road. The child has to learn how to provide for themselves.

A parent should have one to one time with their child. The parent should have control and the kid should know that. Kids should know to have respect and to treat others equal and know there will be consequences for the wrong actions and sometimes praise for their good ones but should not be depend and a prize every time.

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