The LivelyValley When You're Here, Then You Have Found Your Happy Place


The Valley is the most wonderful place you could ever be in. There are a ton of things to do here and there isn't very many restrictions. That is why this utopia exists.


Membership is very important to us. We allow 5,000 people into our community each year for population control, you must sign a contract saying that you won't illegally leave the community, and you can refer up to 10 people to come with you too!


RULES:We have ten rules in this community that you are required to follow. Here are all of them: 1. Only authorized personnel can correct someones mistakes. 2. No taxes, only donations, but everything is one dollar above retail price to compensate. 3. Modest clothing is required. 4. No school on fridays and school is 5 hrs per day for kids under 14. 5. If done well in school, citizens will have the option to go to worked and get paid at the age of 14. If they don't do well enough, they go to school for 2 more years. 6. Adults will have mandatory school reviews 4 days a year. 7. Community ammentities must be reserved before use to avoid conflict. 8. Mass destruction of property is not allowed.(including theft). 9. Adults will be paid the same for food. What food you choose is up to you. 10. Rules that are broken: 1st time: Warning 2nd: Loss of privaleges for the day. 3rd: Loss of privilages until approved by authority to reiceve them back.


The Valley is half winter and half summer all of the time. Their are beautiful parks and sports complexes in the valley part, and in the mountain part, which is about 25 miles from the summer part. you can go sledding or skiing or whatever you would like. That is what makes this community amazing. It is in Montana and the lower elevation and being in a valley makes the community not have any wind.

Daily Schedule

There are two options of how your family can go through their day. They are both great schedules where you can do what you want and have a ton of fun! School and work are both 5 hours per day for 4 days a week and there is free time where you can do what you want. There are 3 meals served throughout the day.


This above is our government building where we meet. We don't really have a government, this is mainly where all of the people meet to do there jobs. Having a government like this causes less problems. This is where everyone goes. Our school, Restaurants, Hospitals, and businesses are all in this building. We don't need a government because we have a superb security system.


Our seal is an important symbol. Our Seal has a large sky which represents endless possibilities in our community.
OUR COMMUNITY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND YOU SHOULD COME AND JOIN THE FUN! There are so many great things to do and its hard to not have fun.


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