Quick Application Manual - Tonic Water by Cleanshield Group



100% Natural

Grow crops with minimum input effort and cost, but with maximum quality output and profitability.

Tonic Water is a new and dynamic Bio-Stimulant and Foliar Tonic, which can accelerate photosynthesis and increases the production up 30%.

Tonic Water has been certified as a 100% bio-based product by the USDA and bears the label of the NSF (National Science Foundation) for application in and around food processing areas. It is made from extracts of natural plants and all ingredients are on the FDA approved GRAS and EAFUS list of food products.

Production increase with 30%



  • A NEW Spray tank
  • With a fine nozzle for spray

(To obtain maximum leaf coverage.)

Tonic Water sprayed on, Sweden
Big scale field spraying



  • Clean water


  • Rain water

(NO chlorine in water or Salty water)

Time at day:

  • Spray late afternoon


  • Until an hour after sunrise

Be aware:

  • 3-4 hours Before rain


  • 3-4 hours After rain

Dilution rate

1:700 =

(1 Liter Tonic Water raw mixed with

700 liter clean water)

Example: 18 Liter Spray tank

18.000 ml water / 700 = 26 ml Tonic Water

Dilution will be adjusted to your market.


Make sure you water quality does not contain to much Salt or any chemicals like Chlorine or Pesticides leftovers in your spray tank.

The mixed Tonic Water should be clear.

If the water quality is not a good, it will quickly turn white.

Test your water quality

Mix & Apply

  1. Fill 1/2 the tank with clean water -(Temperature range of 24-28 degrees)
  2. Add CleanShield Tonic in the tanks - (The correct Dilution rate)
  3. Fill the rest of water in the tank
  4. Make sure it is mixed well
  5. Applied to the leafs
Treatment of seeds prior to planting

Seed Treatments

Maximum emergence!

Seeds can be rolled in a 1-500 solution of Tonic Water, immediately prior to planting, to ensure maximum emergence.

Rolled seeds in Tonic Water

Do NOT apply to delicate skinned seeds such as peanuts and soybeans.

When to spray....

When to Spray

Tonic Water.

  • START - When small sprouts are coming up
  • REPEAT- Every 21 day

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