The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon ~Stephen King~


Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine, in 1947. He is the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. When Stephen was 2 years old his father left the family, leaving his mom to take care of him and his older brother David. As a young boy Stephen found a box of fantasy-horror fiction books that belonged to his father. Stephen read them all, and by the time he was 7 he was writing his own material. King graduated high school in 1966, he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Maine in 1970. He married Tabitha Spruce who later became an author that following year. They have three kids.


Stephen King is most well know for his twists on the horror, suspense, and mystery genres, so this book is obviously going to fall with in that same category but its mostly going to keep the readers in suspense, due to its fast paced reading and clever twists.

The overall all theme of this novel would be Man V.s. Nature. Trisha, is not only having to find her way out of a maze of woods, but shes doing it with little knowing of certain paths she encounters, and her mom and brother for some of the time don't even realize that shes gone as they were too busy arguing to see her get off the trail or hear her say she was going to do so.

The setting is in the woods, along a hiking path. This is significant to the entire story because, with the use of foreshadowing we can infer that someone is going to go down a wrong path or wander off. We just as readers don't know when or how. The woods provides a great setting for a suspense novel such as this one. What kind of animals are going to be lurking around those rocks? Is this path going to lead to a drop off? What was that noise? These are all questions that can add to the eerie feel as someone who is feeling pitiful in being found gets more and more hopeless.


When 9 year old Trisha is walking with her older brother and her recently divorced mother on a path in the woods, she wanders off of the path while her mother and brother are arguing and she goes unseen. She went off the trail to pee but on her way back to catching up with her mom and brother she is met with a fork in the path, she doesn't know which one leads to them. Trisha is then left by herself with a walkman, and on the walkman plays a baseball game with her favorite baseball player Tom Gordon.


Trisha, who is 9 years old is the main character of this book. The book is written to where we can tell that at 9 years old she doesn't really understand much about her mom and dads separation. Her mom, Quilla Andersen is a recently divorced wife of Larry Andersen. Quilla, while on this hike through the woods is non-stop arguing with Pete, her son, over their separation. Pete is Trisha's older brother. He is upset about the divorce and him and Quilla usually don't get along with each other over most things. He feels that she is trying to put parent against parent and try to make one look better than the other in a situation that makes neither of the look good. The next character is not a person, its the bear. When Trisha gets lost a bear follows her down the path and watches her walking, he doesn't kill her but it gives the reader plenty on suspense. Finally, Tom Gordon, yes Trishas favorite baseball player, Tom plays a pretty big role in the way that he is there for Trisha when she is alone, he provides a comfort to her.


The main conflict from this book starts out when the three get out of the car the start their hike. Immediately we can tell that there is some tension from Pete (The son) and Qullia (Mom). While on the trail the two start arguing about Larry, Petes dad and this is what leads to their total lack of knowing that Trisha has left the trail. This is what starts the whole cycle of the book. Trisha warns her mom and Pete that she needs to step off of the trail but they don't hear her. They are too busy with fighting to no end.


This book was brilliant, I am a huge fan of Stephen King and this book did not disappoint me as it compares to its other competition by him. It's so suspenseful. I don't think that their isn't one time in this book that I got bored while reading it. If i could recommend a book that has a great plot, and perfect writing I would recommend not only Stephen King, but I would recommend 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" This book is a 9/10. I would read it again and love it even more. I hope that you decided to pick this book up and read it for yourselves. It will not disappoint.


"Mom and Pete gave it a resta as they got their packs and Quilla wicker plant-collection basket out of the van's back end..." This quote is important because it is at the beginning of the book. Its sets the tone of the story very quickly. We can conclude that the mom and Pete are fighting pretty regular and that their arguments will come into play later in the story.

"Guys I have to pee. Said The Invisible Girl" This quote directly affects the main plot, as we can tell that Trisha is not taken seriously, considering she refers to herself as "The Invisible Girl" she knows that she isn't as important as her mom and her brothers argument. This time however she is telling them she is stepping off the trail to use the bathroom and they can't bothered to acknowledge her leave. This sets the main conflict for the book and starts Trisha's spiral downward to getting lost.


Conviction- A strong view, belief or opinion.

Unerring- Always true, or accurate

Grim- Something scary or startling to see or to think about

Unincorporated- Not made into a legal corporation

Formidable- Very powerful, hard to get along with



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