The Storm That Brought a Miracle By:Annie Lewis

It was the third full moon of the season that the willow trees sing and the rain is the cause of many problems. But tonight the willow trees didn't sing. They listened for the sound of a kit being born. Tonight the only sound on the moon camp was the wimping of the leader of the clan.

The cat's name was Moonstone. She was a silver cat with gray spots that made her look like the moon. She had moon shaped markings on her neck. She was going to give birth to her third kit. Her mate was a golden brown cat with yellow, orange, gold, and a little bit of brown spots that made him look like he was the sun. He had marking of the sun on his neck. His name was Sunstone. They might have been from different clans, but they were in love. They already had two kits named Leafstar and Nightstar. It was a dark night and there was a bad storm that was flooding the camp, but it was warm in the den.

"My queen, the water has flooded some of the lookout dens and Sunstone is here," announced Willowsong. "Thank you Willowsong. Tell Sunstone to come in and keep an eye on Leafstar and Nightstar. I don't want them to drown in the flood," said Moonstone. Sunstone came in sopping wet and had a grim expression on his face. Then the sound of rushing water filtered throughout the camp

“The water is flooding the camp, we must leave,” said Sunstone. “No, I can't leave because our kit is coming soon and the medicine den is better and more protected than my own den,” argued Moonstone. “As you wish,” Sunstone grumbled.

Moonstone remembered the time that this type of storm came to the moon clan. The last time this type of storm came was when she was chosen as the apprentice for Bluemoon. After the ceremony she went to the leader's den to tell her parents about the ceremony and the oncoming storm but they found her first. They had worried looks on their faces and they told her to go inside and get Starstone. She did what they told her and found Starstone. They waited for their parents to return but they didn't and that was the last time she and Starstone ever saw their parents again. After that she tried to be the best warrior the Moon clan had ever seen. She worked hard and after she was old enough she was presented with the offer to be the clan leader. She accepted the offer and to this day she is still the leader.

Just then a loud crack of thunder rang throughout the camp and that jolted her from her memories. Then Nightstar came running in soaking wet, muddy, looking worried and completely petrified with Leafstar at her tail with that expression that said I just did something that I wasn't supposed to do. “Mom our den just flooded and all the other kits have gotten out before us” Leafstar said breathlessly.“By the way, there is a huge wave of water that is coming our way and we have to go Mom,” added Nightstar.

Then the camp went quiet. Nightstar looked outside and screamed.“We are going to die,” she yelled. She started to cry. Sunstone came over to her to comfort her and he started to tell her to come over and sit with her older sister, but she still cried and stared at the water as the wave came toward them. “Mom, can you use some of your magic to fix this? And Dad, what about you? Can you use the sun?” Nightstar asked .“No, sweetheart, I can't it. is more complicated than clapping my paws and we won't die, I promise,” Sunstone said.“You promised the both ask with tears in her eyes,” Nightstar wimped. I promise, Sunstone said.

"We must leave," Sunstone said. She tried to get up and tried to run but she couldn't move. "The kit is coming; we have to wait till the kit is born," Moonstone said. The she screamed and fell to the ground. She started whimpering. "It is coming," she said. After that a small cry rang out and they started towards her. But then the water started to burst through the entryway. Just as that happened the den started to glow blue and the water started to disappear. After moonstone looked down and she saw a little gray kit that was glowing blue. Moonstone looked down at her neck at her neck and saw the markings of water a clear crystal blue droplet of water. They all gasped.

“Mom we have another sister that can use the element!” exclaimed Leafstar.“Yes we do, and I will name her Riverstar,” said Moonstone. Riverstar opened her eyes and looked up at Moonstone. Riverstar had dazzling blue eyes that were as blue as the ocean. Riverstar lifted up one of her tiny light gray paws and touched Moonstone's marking and she smiled. After that they lived a normal cat's life… or so we thought.

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