Netflixalotopia! Once a binge watcher, always a binge watcher.

Quick description

NETFLIXALOTOPIA is where you can enter relms and be apart of the show. if you love movies; this is the place for you.

Our seal...........

We want YOU to be this happy.

P.S.... He watches Netflix.


Mission statement:

when we watch Netflix we are happy, When we watch Netflix we are sad, we vow to watch Netflix no matter how or what we are feeling. we vow that when we enter the relm of Netflix shows that we will not ruin anything. we will all agree; Netflix fixes everything.

community rules!


1. do not damage relm equiptment

2. you may not speak about you relm experience after it is over.

3. you must exercise at least 1 hour once a day (not including the relm.)

4. Always question reality.

5. No age limits.

6. do not waste your time on anything but netflix.

7. everything is free.

8. no reality assault.

9. all injuries ( real and relm) must be reported to officials.

10. you must read the scripts before entering a relm.


Like "Mario 64" on the DS.

Daily schedule

1. Eat

2. Netflix

3. Netflix

4. Eat

5. Exercise

6. Eat

7. Sleep

We have a dictatorship.... sorta

dictator will start with me. But when I die the human with the highest relm scores must be the new dictator until death.


you don't only watch Netflix ... you are in the shows and rewarded for it.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Created By
Mackenzie Bunker


Created with images by the3cats - "grey seal robbe halichoerus grypus"

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