GMO Apple By:Nathan Nguyen

Genes that are being extract to apples are plant virus. This is unlike many other genetically modified foods, which insert genes from other species for the purposes of pesticide tolerance or insect resistance.

Apples are genetically modified by adding a plant virus gene. Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc who is group of biotechnology people who got approved to genetically modified the apples.Apples are genetically made because (Osf) thought it would be nice if there is no brown apple producing.

Benefits of GMO:

Spend less money producing more food.

Use fewer pesticides and herbicides.

Do less tilling to remove weeds, thereby protecting the soil.

Negative of apples gmo:

Creating “super weeds” that have evolved a resistance to glyphosate, a common herbicide in GMO food production.

Plants that produce their own insecticide, a bacterial toxin Bacillus thuringiensis (BT), which has led to BT-resistant bugs.

A human population that is unwittingly consuming BT, too, since the insecticide is part of GMO plants.

Gmo apples has harmful effect in human body

I believe GMO are very beneficial to others. I believe it's beneficial because it help farmers to make profit in the way that consumer will buy it cheaper. This make our economy rise because of the low cost because of gmo.

Although there is concerns about our health when eating gmo or use. New gmo will make new allergy to anybody that could possibly haven't been discovered.


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