Self-Design #1

Here you will see two pictures. The first picture is a quiz for Organic Chemistry and I received a 73 because I had not gone to PAL and gave little effort on the material. However, the second picture is actually the next quiz even though it says quiz 10, and I had gone to PAL that week and I received a 98! PAL is the best program in use right now I would say. This experiment was rather simple, but it does show that PAL works.

I am glad I kept going to PAL sessions because it only helped me retain the information more, and I was receiving an A in the class. I would suggest PAL to anyone learning because it is one program that can really help you get going if you are stuck, and eventually it becomes a lot easier and this makes for great test grades. I have an A now in the class, and I am sure that I will finish with an A. If I had not gone to PAL I would either have a high C or low B for sure.


Created with images by ost2 - "lab chemistry research"

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