Vocab By eli beard

Acute- present or experienced to severe or intense degree.

Example- The disease is acute.

Anonymous- not identified by name.

Example- The information of the man who murdered the wife is anonymous.

Apprehensive- anxious or worried something bad will happen.

Example- The man was apprehensive about the situation.

Arrogant- exaggerating someones own importance or ability.

Example- The man who owns the business is very arrogant.

Bestow- to present something to someone.

Example- The boss bestowed me "Employee of the Month".

Donor- a person who donates

Example- The man was asked did he want to be an organ donor.

Phobia- an extreme fear of something.

Example- The man has a phobia of spiders.

Prominent- important or famous

Example- Most athletes are prominent.

Prudent- acting or showing care for the future

Example- The woman is prudent of the extinction of polar bears.

Recipient- The receiver of something.

Example- The recipient of the text responded.

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