Government and The 3 Branches

The 3 Branches


The legislative branch is called or known mainly as our congress and what the congress does for the united states is they are the ones that come up with our laws.Congress is dived into two parts, The house of Representatives witch has a hold of 435 representatives and the Senate witch holds 50 representatives,The house of representatives has at least 2 representatives from each state(this can vary for instance others big states like California or Texas can have up to 40 representatives).The Senate only allows 2 representatives from each state.


The judicial government runs the supreme court and the 9 justice or better known to us as the judges in each courtroom across USA.The judges who are apart of the supreme court are considered the highest judges in the government and that they take on only the big cases that interfere with the constitution.There are lower judges in each state that only deal with the states laws.


The executive branch consist of everyone who is legally aloud to vote and as well as our very own president.What the executive branch does is it enforce the laws that are created by the legislative branch.This branch is what passes all of the federal laws and this branch also decides who becomes the president for the following 4 years.

(executive,Legislative,Judicial - from the left)

How The Power is Distrubuted

Each branch is in charge of their own thing and they all of a fairly important job in our government

Checks & Balances

comes system of checks and balances have a very important part of the Constitution. With checks and balances each of the three branches of government can help keep the power limited in each of the branches.. This way no branch becomes too powerful and over rules the other ones.The order that the checks and balances go through is fist the legislative branch legislative up with a new law and then that law is sent to the executive branch.If the president likes this law he will pass it and it will become a federal law but what comes if he does not like it? If the president does not like the law then the legislative gets another chance to make it a law.With enough votes the law can override the executive branch and sign it as a law.After the law becomes official it is in place and the people of the country can test it and go to court about the new law witch is where the judicial branch comes in.The judicial branch either chooses to belive in the person who convicted a crime against the law or they can belive with the person who is against the convector.

What I am Most Confused On

One of the only confusing area in the government that am mostly confused about the legislative branch. I am most confused about them because do not understand why they have two different parts of it the congress and the house of representatives. I do not understand how that works and how exactly they come up the laws that way because wouldn't it be more efficient to just have on big household pf everyone who then decides on a law instead of two different groups.

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