Ne'Kayla Fountain Interview by alyna coy

Ne’Kayla is a Junior at Junction City High School, she is in the Fine Arts Academy and just so happens to be my best friend.

Alyna: How are you, Ne'Kayla?

Ne’Kayla: “I’m actually doing really great, thanks for asking!”

Alyna: How has this semester gone for you?

Ne’Kayla: “It has gone by really fast which I really like because Junior year really throws a lot of stuff on you especially coming from Sophomore year and it being easy peasy lemon squeasy.”

Alyna: What was the highlight of your semester? Why?

Ne’Kayla: “The highlight of my semester was when I had Chemistry and English with you (Alyna) because it really helped me when I struggled and you (Alyna) were always there to help me pick my head back up.”

Alyna: Where did you grow up?

Ne’Kayla: “In Junction City, KS.”

Alyna: What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Ne’Kayla: “My favorite subject in school would be lunch… no I’m kidding, it would probably be Chemistry because of the labs that we get to do and Mr. Chun really teaches us well and he makes science a lot more interesting.”

Alyna: Why did you choose to be in a beauty seminar?

Ne’Kayla: “When I grow up I plan to be a cosmetologist.”

Alyna: What do you like to do in your free time?

Ne’Kayla: “In my free time I like to make up dance routines.”

Alyna: What are you good at that nobody knows about?

Ne’Kayla: “I can say that I am a really good dancer.”

Alyna: What is most important to you in life? Why?

Ne’Kayla: “The most important to me in life would be my family and friends because they are always there for me and they make everything so much easier.”

Alyna: What was the most memorable year for you during high school? Why?

Ne’Kayla: “The most memorable year for me during high school would probably be in Sophomore year when I had met you (Alyna) because I used to be so quiet and never wanting to leave my house but when you (Alyna) had moved here I felt that everything was about to be so much better and that high school was about to be very memorable.”

Alyna: So you’re a Junior, how does it feel to almost be a Senior in high school?

Ne’Kayla: “It is crazy to think about how close Senior year is for us Juniors and I thought Senior year would honestly take forever to come because I have been waiting since I first started school in general to just get out but honestly, It is scary to see that I am getting older and that grades are starting to become more important and that when I graduate I feel that I am going to grow apart from my friends and possibly my family if I go off to college and I don’t want that to happen but I am sure I will be ready for the best to come.”

Ne’Kayla is always someone who is making sure everyone is confident in themselves and is always in a good mood. She is one of the most caring people that I know and that she is going to be doing really great things in the future.

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Alyna Coy



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