Tour of the Harn Museum

This piece is called Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II. I've always wanted to visit Japan to experience the culture, I've seen many pictures of Tokyo, with the swarming amount of people and shops and restaurants everywhere. With this painting I feel that I get a different perspective. The night time Yvonne Jacquette portrays in this painting really shows you the beauty that Tokyo is. This piece made me feel like I could see the streets in person yet still be in the comfort of University of Florida.
This is the wing that you can enter if you walk straight as you enter the Harn Museum. This beauty will welcome you as you walk in. Ireally enjoyed my time in this part of the exhibit because it had a lot of culture inside, lots of history, and of course some really cool paintings.
I feel like this piece can really be seen as a core value of loss. Obviously its a sculpture without arms and legs, so it shows that it has loss something. And I can see that loss and think about all the lives of the people that defend our country and how they have left our earth. They are like the legs and arms of America and how they were sacrificed to keep us alive and I really appreciate them for their sacrifice.
This painting of New York definitely represents seeking the good life. Everyone says that New York is a great place to start your life over again, its where great businesses and people started. When you think of America, one of the first cities you will think of is New York City. People will search for a new good life in New York and I feel like this painting really represents that beauty of it.

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