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Sit back, relax, and be ready to listen. IMMERSE yourself in the energy from our students. If you like it, let them know with your applause, especially during the jazz portion of the concert.

You are encouraged to keep your device open and view our interactive program throughout the performance. However, please take this opportunity to SILENCE your device. Also, please remain seated, as performers may be moving through the aisles.

Now Appearing in your program at 7:00 - The George Rogers Clark Jazz Ensemble

GRCJE performs for the lunch crowd

1. "Humanism" - Jon Batiste _______________ Arranged by Paul Murtha _________________ Soloists: Raven Patrick, Alto Saxophone _____ Sammy Shakadih, Alto Saxophone _________
Jon and the Band, Stay Human, perform for a crowd.
Jon and the band, Stay Human, perform for millions on the set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where they serve as the house band each and every night.
2. "Summer Solstice" - Erik Sherburne ___________ Soloist: Cousby Justice, Flugelhorn _____________
3. "Buckjump" by Trombone Shorty ______________ Arranged by John Wasson _____________________ Soloists: Christian Higgins, Trombone ___________ Caleb Cole, Trombone ________________________ Sammy Shakadih, Alto Saxophone ______________ Michael Long, Trumpet ________________________ John Shields, Piano __________________________ Justin Garza, Guitar __________________________ Isaiah Williams, Drums ________________________
Troy Andrews, aka "Trombone Shorty"
4. "Tank", Theme from Cowboy Bebop ___________ by Yoko Kanno _______________________________ Soloists: The Band ___________________________

The Cowboy Bebop anime series was accompanied by a number of soundtrack albums composed by Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts, a diverse band Kanno formed to create the music for the series, with a principal focus in jazz. The recordings were an international effort with many names attached, including that of recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder "

Tank!" is the series' opening song. The song, written by Yoko Kanno and performed by Seatbelts, has an extensive alto saxophone solo played by Masato Honda, as well as a fill part at the end. The song is a big band jazz piece in a Latin-infused hard bop style with a rhythm section that combines a double bass and bongo drums.

"Tank!" is primarily an instrumental piece, though it does feature some spoken male vocals (provided by long-time collaborator with Kanno, Tim Jensen) in the introductory portion of the song, thematically jazz in style. The vocal portion provides a lead-in to the instrumental portion, and its final lyrics, "I think it's time we blow this scene. Get everybody and the stuff together. Okay, three, two, one let's jam", signal the beginning bursts of the majority, purely instrumental end of the song.

GRC Concert Band

Night of the Dark Horse, by Michael Oare
The term “dark horse” originated in horse racing describing an unknown entry, but also carries the connotation of an underdog in politics or sports. Composed in 6/8 and using a single brisk tempo throughout, Night of the Dark Horse is an energetic musical journey dedicated to the efforts of unlikely winners everywhere
The Machine Awakes (for Band + Electronics) (2013), by Steven Bryant
The Machine Awakes is the sound of something not human (but of humans hands) – something not entirely organic, but most definitely alive – waking up for the first time. From the opening swirling textures, we sense the first hesitant sparks of thought, attempting to find form and coherence. This new machine – sentient, aware – comes fully awake, possessed of emphatic self-determination and unfathomable purpose.
Pursuit of the Centaur, by Robert Sheldon
Centaurs are mythological creatures that are half horse and half human. They have been depicted in art and literature for centuries as wild beasts, and also as wise and noble beings. This piece is a musical representation of a journey to find one of these remarkable creatures in a land and time that are long past.

GRC Symphonic Band

GRC Symphonic Band performs at the UK Windfest
Kirkpatrick's Muse (2015) by Jay Bocook ________ Austin Clark, Bodhran ________________________ Jaycie Raney, Flute __________________________
Commissioned by the McDaniel College Summer Music Camp in Westminster, Maryland, Kirkpatrick's Muse celebrates 30 years of excellence and is dedicated to camp founder, Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick. The piece opens with a plaintive Irish style flute solo, then moves seamlessly to the fast-paced section loosely based around the Appalachian fiddle tune “Glory in the Meeting House” introduced by the bodhran (Irish frame drum). Highlighting the simple charm of traditional Irish music, Kirkpatrick's Muse also features some wild excursions in color, texture and harmony.

American Elegy (2000) by Frank Ticheli

An American Elegy is, above all, an expression of hope. It was composed in memory of those who lost their lives at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, and to honor the survivors. It is offered as a tribute to their great strength and courage in the face of a terrible tragedy. I hope the work can also serve as one reminder of how fragile and precious life is and how intimately connected we all are as human beings.

I was moved and honored by this commission invitation, and deeply inspired by the circumstances surrounding it. Rarely has a work revealed itself to me with such powerful speed and clarity. The first eight bars of the main melody came to me fully formed in a dream. Virtually every element of the work was discovered within the span of about two weeks. The remainder of my time was spent refining, developing, and orchestrating.

The work begins at the bottom of the ensemble's register, and ascends gradually to a heartfelt cry of hope. The main theme that follows, stated by the horns, reveals a more lyrical, serene side of the piece. A second theme, based on a simple repeated harmonic pattern, suggests yet another, more poignant mood. These three moods - hope, serenity, and sadness - become intertwined throughout the work, defining its complex expressive character. A four-part canon builds to a climactic quotation of the Columbine Alma Mater. The music recedes, and an offstage trumpeter is heard, suggesting a celestial voice - a heavenly message. The full ensemble returns with a final, exalted statement of the main theme.

The End of the Rainbow (2015) by Richard Saucedo
Referring to the ongoing quest in which we all embark when trying to find our place in the world, Richard Saucedo's At the End of the Rainbow takes us on a journey of varied moods and styles. After the stark and dramatic opening unison statements, this imaginative works features a lighthearted and spirited 12/8 section with plenty of rhythmic vitality. This is beautifully paired with a lyric middle section that showcases a solo for horn and flowing melodic lines that build to an emotional climax. The fast 12/8 section returns with an exciting and energized finish.
The Armed Forces Salute - Traditional, arranged by Bob Lowden

Thank you for attending our concert. If you like what you heard, please consider making an end of year gift to the Clark County Band Boosters, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to furthering music education through performance in band.

For more information on donations, visit, or see a band booster officer.


  • November 14th - Color Guard Informational Meeting for New Members - 4pm @ RDC Band Room
  • November 14th - Band Parent/Booster Meeting - 6pm, GRC Band Room - ALL ARE WELCOME
  • November 15th - Spirit Night @ Raising Cane's (Hamburg) - 4-9pm
  • November 15th - All State Auditions - First Cut - 6pm @ Tates Creek HS
  • November 17th - Brass Christmas Choir Begins after school
  • November 18th - Basketball Kickoff Event - 6pm, Required - Campbell GYM
  • November 22nd - Woodwind Christmas Choir Begins after school
  • Saturday, December 3rd - Winchester Christmas Parade- 4pm call time (MARCHING BAND ONLY)
  • Saturday, December 3rd - All State Jazz Auditions - Central Hardin HS
  • Tuesday, December 6th - Boys vs. Madison Central - 7pm, Campbell GYM - REQUIRED
  • Thursday, December 8th - Concert Dress Rehearsal After School, 4-6pm - REQUIRED
  • Friday, December 9th - Music Department Concert - 7pm - REQUIRED
  • Saturday December 10th - All State Band Auditions - John Hardin HS
  • Thursday, December 15th - Girls vs. East Jessamine - 7pm, Campbell GYM - REQUIRED
  • Friday, December 16th - Boys vs. Bourbon County - 7pm, Campbell GYM - REQUIRED
  • Tuesday, January 3rd - Boys vs. Paris - 7pm, Campbell GYM - REQUIRED


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