The sports Locker By Eeshan Zele partnered with Arjun, Aryan, Adit, and Nishant


For our still life photography project our whole group came to a decision that we would be taking photos of sports equipment specifically a sports locker.

Our Original Plan

This was our main photo. The lighting on the original photo was uneven, so to improve it I put it into an editing software (Pixlr) so there would be even lighting. Then we were faced with the problem that there were too many things in the background so I just cropped everything but the main objects out and added a basic rainbow colored background. Lastly using the focal tool, I made the main objects in focus while objects like the bottle were made out of focus.

Our Final Photo
Our Original Photo

Our next photo was a combination of cricket and football equipment. The first thing I did to edit the photo was was to use the focal tool to help focus on the center so everything in the center was crystal clear. Then I used the smoothing tool to smooth out parts of the helmet and parts of the shoes which made the photo look better. Then to make the background look better I changed the background color to a yellow-rainbows color.

Our Final Photo
Same Photos With Different Filters

All the 3 photos above are from one photo which I messed around with to get different effects. The first photo is the original photo but I changed the hue to a purplish level so the color of the shoes would appear purple. I also lowered the saturation so it would show a darker mood.

For the second photo, I took the first photo and changed the color hue to a greenish level so the cricket ball would appear green and the ends of the shoes would appear orange. Then to add a sad feeling I changed the background color to blue using the different filter.

Finally for the last photo, I took the second photo and changed the hue of only the bottom of the shoes to green. I only changed the bottom of the shoes because I did not like the look of the brown cricket ball with the shoes. I also increased the situation of the color so the colors popped out more and were vibrant.

Our Original Photo

I really like this photo because it is really simple but, the editing makes it look really good. The first thing that I did to get the final product was I used the focal tool and i focused it into the center of the helmet. Then I used the healing tool to make the background look faded but still visible. I then lowered the saturation and the vibrance of the background making the central objects stand out.

Our Final Design
The Original Photo

This photo is just a close up of soccer shoes. The first thing I did to edit this photo was I changed the focal point. Although this was not necessary it made the shoes stand out. Then I used the splash tool to change the color of the background from white to a soft pink color. Lastly to change the color of the bottom of the shoe I used the hue tool which is under the color section. I increased the hue from 0 to -76 which changed the shoe color to green.

Our Final Design

Experimenting with Light

In this photo the light is coming from the right side. This makes the right side become bright while the left and the top is darker. The light also creates a shadow of the left side of the cube.

In this photo the light is coming from the left side. The light coming from the left side makes the right and the top side darker and the left side is lighter. The light coming from the left side creates a shadow on the left side.

Some Equipment
Our Group

Thank You!

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