Snow Ball fight Dan Marcello

I will always remember this cold, hush winter day in December. The snowflakes slowly fell down from the clouds. The only noise was from the occasional plow passing by. While I looked out the window just gazing into the fluffy white snow piled up against the front barricading us in the house. I was just waiting for my mom to come out from her room to yell at me because i'm doing nothing but staring while I could be doing something with my life like shoveling the driveway and the front steps.I always got the lecture of me sitting there doing nothing when I can be productively helping out the family.To this day I find myself getting yelled at for relaxing. I’m too young to get a job, in my head the bills just magically pay themselves, and we don’t have a dog that needs to be taken outside so,why does everyone in family yell at me for doing nothing wrong just minding my own business.

Sitting in the house can be boring at times that's why i try to stay out of my house at any opportunity that I can leave.Suiting up in snow attire is terrible because you get warm and you just want to go in the cold but your mom hasn't tied your boots yet. Finally walking out of my house I hear people so I walk to my friend Adam’s house down the street.I see in his yard all the kids from the neighborhood playing in the snow.We all started building snowmen and huge forts.Snow was everywhere there was no patch of the ground in sight.

After a couple hours of having fun by building forts we all go inside to get hot chocolate everyone is so loud and we can all tell we were annoying Adams parents so we have a race outside.Adam and I start forming our snowballs behind our huge 5 foot tall snow fort.All the neighbors were in forts preparing to battle everywhere spreading across the yard.There was no teams just a free for all going against who you pick and teaming up with anyone.The only rules was no combining more than 5 people and you can’t all aim for the same person because that's unfair.The time was around 1 now the sun was peaking through the clouds which was bad for us.The snow could be starting to melt and the sun was beaming off the snow reflecting into our eyes when standing straight up.

The match starts everyone pauses and Adam and I were waiting for someone to strike.In a second snowballs start flying across the sky and I get knocked back.I got a fastball right into my face and my face started to drip blood after 5 minutes it went away but that didn’t stop anyone from chucking snowballs at us.Our younger neighbor had his fort close to ours he was only a year younger than Adam and I but a lot 2-5 years younger than the others.I threw a snowball across the yard and nailed the most conceited kid on the battlefield.Our younger neighbor started sprinting to our base because the others started moving closer to him and we warned them about the rules.All of a sudden every person is throwing snowballs at our fort.Most of kids in the neighborhood were baseball players they threw like 100 mph it felt like.Adam got hit in the shoulder and ducked down for the second ball aiming for his head.During this time snow would not stop coming down there was a blizzard you couldn’t see farther than 30 feet because there was so much snow.Our younger neighbor stood up and instantly got nailed in the face by more than 3 people.He went to the ground and Adam am I fired back and hit two of them.My neighbor was crying from being hit in the face.The fight went back and forth of who fired it was like we were letting them fire.

My neighbor tried to throw a snowball and got hit again and again the other kids were all aiming for him because he was the weakest link his face was literally a magnet for snowballs.His face was pure red with tears dripping down his cheek we decide to surrender.The other kids just called us mean names while we walked out of the yard.We walk back to our younger neighbors house just to sit by the fire.The lesson we learned from this situation was to treat everyone equal.To this day 5 years later we still don’t talk to those neighbors.

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