Smashing Assumptions

Assumptions rule, stereotypes reign,

Influencing perceptions, making a stain,

On how we are viewed, so absolutely.

Blinding all but those who seek our reality,

Smash these glass barricades down!

Shards of glass would hurt much less,

Than the bounds and confines of thoughtlessness.

Peer into your mirror, you won't see me,

But rather, reflections of your pride and ignorancy.

Smash. These. Glass. Barricades. Down!

WARNING: The following video might cause bursts of uncontrollable laughter followed by thoughtful reflection. Oh, and it also contains swearing.

Do you see us for who we truly are?

Capable and unique? Or our avatar...?

You say you want us to succeed?

Then let's make this a reality.

Smash these glass barricades down!

No matter who we are;

From walks of life, near or far.

We are able and we are strong,

But we need your help, to break these barriers down.

Open your mind, open your eyes.

Help us shatter this glass disguise.

With respect, listen, look and learn,

Give us all the chances we deserve.

Honour our culture, know who we are

And go to that gifted and talented seminar!

So that you just might, one sic day,

Recognise we're gifted and talented aye.

Smash these glass barricades down!

Help to smash assumptions and break down stereotypes. Give all learners a true shot at wellbeing and success, no matter who they are and where they come from. Gifted learners come from all walks of life. Focus not on what you believe a student can't, doesn't or won't do, but on their strengths, abilities and unique qualities. Oh, and go to the next gifted and talented seminar!!

Note: 'Sic' is urban slang for great, fabulous, awesome

This blog was inspired by Frickin Dangerous Bro and having seen their comedy act during the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week. Thanks guys!


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