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SDGS: INVENT, INNOVATE, CAMPAIGN For your final project, create an Adobe Spark or Microsoft Sway digital artifact to display and spread your #GlobalGoals message.

STEP 1: Choose one of the 17 Global Goals.

Then, take the image, and post here, or near the top of the page.

STEP 2: Choose one or two of the Goal's TARGETS upon which to focus.

Here, I used the Buncee tool to create the graphic.

STEP 3: Add your official "I SUPPORT GOAL __" poster.

STEP 4: Create a digital poster to campaign for your Goal.

How can you invent, innovate, and campaign for your favorite goal? Brainstorm questions to ask. How can you get your family members, friends, and community to be informed like you? How can you spread your message?

Add a copy of your digital poster here. If possible, post on social media (yours or your family's) and take screenshots of further interaction.

OPTIONAL: Post your digital poster on social media, and then report on its "reach."

You can create a new graphic on Buncee to show "likes," "retweets," and "shares."

STEP 5: Choose and embed a video that pushes the message of your selected Goal.

How can you campaign for the Goal you choose? Perhaps, find one or two videos that express the corresponding message, and post here.

STEP 6: Display an appropriate and inspirational quote.

They say a "picture is worth a thousand words." Strengthen your message by adding a quote by a famous activist, leader, or expert.

Created by F. Siracusa, using Canva
Created by C. Douglas, using Buncee
"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom." -Nelson Mandela

STEP 7: Write and demonstrate how your Goal campaign correlates with lessons in your faith, be it Religion class or Mass.

SCS Students: Think about your Catholic Identity. As a member of a global community of faith, knowledge and service, you can "make a difference in the world." Relate your project goal to a scripture reading or faith lesson, and post it here. With this project, how are you ministering to the physical or spiritual needs of the poor? How does your campaign bring dignity to our global brothers and sisters?

SCS 8th grade religious mantra: Matthew 5:13-16 Salt and Light
Similar to this OT reading, Jesus taught humility, charity and brotherly love.

STEP 8: Write a narrative that expresses how you make connections between your IB studies, the real world, and this Goal campaign.

SCS Students: Please make a connection between your campaign and your IB MYP. Just as your teachers encourage students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, please post your reflections on how your campaign can affect other global citizens. What are your individual strengths when it comes to creativity, collaboration, and new perspective? How does your campaign relate to your studies in MYP classes such as science, mathematics, language arts or Spanish?

STEP 9: Add a button or link to provide direction to another Goal-related resource.

Add a button below to a web-related resource where other students can find more information and resources.

STEP 10: Add your "creativity" artifact.

Perhaps, draw a comic strip or poster, or use art materials to create a painting. Use your personal device to create a digital animation, video, podcast, etc. to campaign for your Goal.

Always remember to cite your sources for graphics, documents or images you find on the internet.

Step 11: Add your group Goal picture!

Take a picture of you and your classmates who are working on spreading the message of the SDGs (and this classroom task) and post it here. If possible, include the Goal Number graphic card. Add a caption, too, with your names or school information.

Karishma Bhagani from Mombasa, Kenya and Fran Siracusa from Florida, USA work together to spread the message of Goal 6: "Clean Water & Sanitation."
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