My Time Capsule by Elizabeth Rocha

Advice to Juniors: Senior year is seen to be the "chill" year. They think you can just sit back and relax that year but actually it is more important. ACT scores are very important to get into certain colleges and scholarships and it is important to study enough for it. This is the year you have to apply to colleges, pay all fees, and your grades are really important. My advice to you juniors is to take senior year seriously and apply to as many colleges as you can.

Advice to Freshman: Incoming freshman, please just stop trying to be extra. All freshman try to do is get other peoples attention so they can be liked but in reality, you're just being annoying. I honestly did not know this till I was a senior myself but thats when I noticed how dumb freshman could be. It is usually the freshman that cause power hour to stop, etc, just because they want to get into fights and cause problems. The best thing to do is to be yourself, focus on your classes, and don't draw too much (bad) attention on you. Don't try to be disrespectful to others to be "cool."

My Future - Five years from now I want to be graduated from college, and starting my career. Ten years from now I hope to have moved out from my parents house and getting paid well at my job.

FEARS - I fear that in the future I will change my career path very late and end up broke. I also fear that I wont do well with my job after college and end up being in debt living with my parents still.

My Faves: My favorite TV show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I like all types of music from pop, rap, banda, rock, etc. I really like Mexican music. My favorite food is philly cheesteaks, and my favorite thing to do on my spare time is work out. #gymislife

5 items I would leave to represent me

Tacos because I love tacos
shoes because I love to run
My phone because I am always on it and all my info is in it.
Hot cheetos because I buy those chips all the time
My family makes fun of me because I wear these all the time

My hidden talents are exercising and eating. When it comes to exercising, I go all out. I am a cross country which most people dont think I would be but I can run for miles and miles. Running is fun. I started lifting about 6 months ago and I go to the gym mostly everyday and do a variety of leg exercises to build muscle. People also underestimate me when it comes to eating. I can eat a lot.

Pasta I ate in Florida

Something to understand: I wish people understood that I am not a perfect person. I am human and I make mistakes. What matters is that you learn from them.

Fave lesson: My favorite lesson in school was recently in my english class. After reading the book, What is the What, it opened my eyes. I never could have thought someone could go through what Valentino, the main character, went through. It made me look at my life differently and think how fortunate I am.

5 Compliments - Sam: You are really smart and I would make you my husband in that bright future of yours.

Ariah: Your'e so beautiful and have such a good vibe.

Joyce: Your'e hilarious and bold. I like that

Miguel: You could have been my husband too. Your'e really nice and very gentlemen like.

Jaylenne Batres: I love your smile. Your'e beautiful and have the best personality someone could have. You could brighten someones day up instantly.

I want to be remembered as the Mexican female who geeked out all 4 years of high school. Also as the cross country girl.

PARTING WORDS: I look the same since freshman year but, IM OUT.

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