Neptune -beckett stock

Neptune is the 2nd farthest from the sun but the 8th planet in the solar system.

The surface of Neptune is all gas that could kill a living thing.
The size of Neptune is 15.299mi. The weight of Neptune is 17.15 million lbs.
The average temp in the daytime on Neptune is -228c. The average at night is -200c.
Our earth has one moon but Neptune has 13 moons.
Neptune has storms often along with high winds.
Neptune has 3 rings but they're really hard to see.
Neptune got his name from the roman god of the sea.
The last space ship that was sent was in 1989 . The purpose of the space shuttle being sent off was to explore .
A living thing will possibly never make it to walk Neptune.
We have sent satellites to Neptune to discover.
I takes Neptune 169.79 yrs just to go around the sun.
Neptune was discovered in 1846 johann gottfried galle and john couch Adams .
Neptune is the smallest gas planet.

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