The Truth Behind Faith and Belief By Rhea Mehta

Knowledge Question: How does knowledge gained by faith, differ from knowledge gained by belief? (Is there a difference?)


Journal #1 - Today we chose our WOK 4 groups and topic. As a group we decided to do learn about Faith. We spent much of class time discussing the way of writing TOK essays. Personally I felt that the structure was similar to writing any other essay in another class. It includes of a knowledge claim, evidence, and analysis just like the PEE chain. We practiced this technique with out WOK 3 group topic and it turned out pretty well.

Journal #2 - I studied for my quiz and passed with a 8/10. Then I used the remaining of the class to chose my knowledge question and listened to elective readings. I personally liked the last podcast more, but Mr. Morrison encouraged I use the one about Julia Sweeney. It was interesting to how she switched from being Catholic to Atheist ever so quickly. After listening to her ted talk, I realised that none of the essential questions fit with her topic, so I came up with a new one which I ended up using.

Journal #3 - After writing my essay I came up with a new understanding of Faith and Belief and the difference between the two. It was interesting to use evidence from Julia Sweeney's podcast. She had a very interesting story to tell. Writing the paragraph wasn't very difficult because we've used this style of writing quite a bit and I understood the question and talk very well so I enjoyed writing about this topic. Faith is a very sensitive and complicated topic and people tend to mix of knowledge gained from faith and knowledge gained by belief so it was interesting to write about it and it gave me a new understand between the two.


Knowledge gained by faith differs from knowledge gained by belief because it varies between subjective and objective. Julia Sweeney, a renounced comedian, went from a extremely religious Catholic to a high believer in atheism within moments. She had an affectionate relationship with the Catholic church, although was always skeptical on the belief aspect of it. On a Saturday morning a two mormon missionaries arrived at her doorstep to ask her a couple of questions: “Do you believe that god loves you with all his heart,” and, “Do you believe we’re all brothers and sisters on this planet.” The first question blew her mind away since Julia Sweeney didn’t know if she believed what she felt; she felt that God loved her with all his heart, but she doesn’t know if you believed it. The next two years after that moment was when she came up with a developing understanding of the concept of god and didn’t believe in god anymore. Julia Sweeney doesn’t think of belief to be the same as faith. She defines belief as what she has confidence in. Knowledge gained by faith is different from knowledge gained by belief because the knowledge you gain by faith is very subjective; you take in things that you are meant to believe if you are a knower of a particular faith. Knowledge gained by belief is more objective and personal because believing in something has to do with what you are confident in. As a knower of any faith, you are taught to believe that God is the creator of the world, but as a believer you are taught by experiences to believe what you want to or what you’ve been taught through your own personal life.

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Personal Reflection: In a country with people of many different faiths, it is interesting to see the different beliefs of people. People can have similar beliefs and be apart of two different faiths. Faith and Belief are not the same thing. Faith is clearly what religion you may be apart of and is more subjective in the sense that you are being taught everything you are SUPPOSED to believe, but believing something is based on your own PERSONAL perceptions and what you are confident in.

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