How does this method works?

The estrogen and the progestin that are in the pills prevents ovaries from releasing eggs.

How does an individual use this method?

Female that use this method they need to take the pill daily for 3 weeks.

Does the female needs a prescription to get the pill?

Yes the female needs to have the prescription from a doctor to get the Birth Control Pill.

This method does not protects the female from STI.

The Birth Control pills cost $ 50.00 per month

This method is 92% affective

The pill is more affective than the vaginal ring and it's easier to use than the implant.

The advantages of using this method is that it protects the female form ovarian cancer, anemia, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The disadvantage or side affect of this method is reduced acne, migraines, and breast tenderness.

There are many kinds of Birth Control pills one is the combination pill, the progestin-only pill and the extended cycle pill.

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