Being 15 in Russia Jack Tracy 3

Russia is a country that is very complex, only 16% the population are teens.
being 15 in Russia is very busy and there school live's are very complicated.
they say that the surrounding's are very noisy and can get annoying when it comes to academic's.
all of the students claim to have had problems at some point or another with school, in parts of Russia they are still sorting out school and a lot of the students say its not getting better like they would like to see, some fear there academic future. (Smith)
as school progress and the kids get older the opportunities for school start getting slim. (Landed)
Even though there lives are so complicated they still like to hang out and play with friends just like us.
there emotions about how busy it can get are very strong and it is angering to them because they can't change it. (Smith)
the reason that this connects to the claim is because being 15 in America compared to Russia is a big jump.
i think that if there was one message to take away it would be that life for a teen is hard but life as a teen in Russia is even harder and people don't realize how good they have it until they explore a different country.
In my opinion being 15 in Russia would be fun yet very difficult. from what I have found there school life is very complicated. I realized that here in America school is dreaded for some but for teens in Russia its a wish.
They only get one chance. I want you to think back for a minute how many chace's have you gotten in your life.
life is different everywhere you go and you really don't see it until you research it.
Landed, S.L. Just. “Russian Schools.” Just Landed, 2003-2016 Just Landed, 4 May 2014, Smith, Jessica. Teens in Russia. Minneaplolis, MN, Compass Point Books, 2007.


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