West Brunswick’s Biggest Rivalries Rivalries are a huge part of high school sports. It’s the team you want to beat more than anything and it always makes for good competition.

“North and South,” said Hasain Hussein, senior varsity football player.
“South,” said Cole Hamilton, senior varsity basketball player.
“South,” said Hailey Woodard, freshman basketball player.
“South,” said Blake Durham, senior varsity volleyball player.
“South and Hoggard,” said Brandon Colby, senior varsity baseball player.
“I think Ashley is a good team and they brought good competition for us,” said Lillie McLamb, senior varsity softball player. “We went out our first game and played hard and I think we got complacent with them and didn’t play as hard and didn’t hit the ball well when they came to us. Me and an Ashley player got into an altercation and it was really heated. This just goes to show the competitive nature between teams and rivals.”
“North,” said Connor Humphreys, senior varsity soccer player.
“I think South is generally our biggest rival but this year specifically, North has probably been the biggest rival because we’re the most evenly matched,” said Skaya Mokama, senior varsity soccer player. “We’ve played them once and it was the most heated game of the season so far.”
“NMB and Laney,” said Coach Tutterow, wrestling coach.
“Both teams practiced at BCC and [we] had to split the pool with them,” said Haley Reed, senior varsity swimmer. “We all knew each other fairly well because of this and we would always compete with them. They were pretty even with us based on ability with swimming. So competing with them was always exciting.”
“NMB and Topsail,” said John Destefano, senior varsity lacrosse player.
“South,” said Lauren Nelson, sophomore varsity lacrosse player.
“New Hanover and Hoggard,” said Emily Hales, senior tennis player.
“North and South,” said Nikki Waterbury, senior cross country runner.
“New Hanover,” said Spencer Sievers, senior golfer.