Plate Boundary Project By: Dylan Murphy

Convergent boundary is the motion of two tectonic plates moving together and colliding to create great volcanoes mountains. That happens when continents collide, when ocean and continent plates collide they subduct and create mountains, or even volcano islands like Hawaii.

This is Mountain Everest, the highest mountain it is the second tallest mountain in the world mauna loa is the tallest mountain in the world. mauna loa not that high because it is mostly under water.

In May 22, 1960 the worlds strongest earthquake hit southern Chile. It was given a magnitude of 9.5 it destroyed southern Chile. I don't there will be another earthquake as strong as this one for a long time

Divergent boundary is is when two tectonic plates are separating and they can create volcanos, cause earthquakes, and mid ocean ridges when it happens on land it can create canyons or valleys

Divergent boundaries can form mid ocean ridges which the most popular one is between South America and Africa.

The deadliest earthquake ever was recorded in Shensi, China, Jan. 23, 1556. it was a 8.0 to 8.3 magnitude and wipeout 830,000 which makes it the deadliest earthquake ever.

Transform boundaries can cause fault to appear which there are some very popular faults in the world and massive earthquakes can occur.

This is arguably the most popular fault in the world it runs 800 miles through California. it is a fascinating fault and I would like to visit it some day

Along with the San Andreas fault came a earthquake to form the fault. the earthquake surprisingly didn't do to much damage for something that put a 800 mile long crack in the earth.

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