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"My music cannot be put in a box as I'm influenced by all genres of the culture. I pride myself in live performance which incorporates socio-political thought, beat-boxing, comedy and never rapping over my vocals." -Twan Mack

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Quality and consistency best describe the body of work Twan Mack has provided us since his reemergence onto the global hip hop scene nearly two years ago. This time around the veteran Kareem City (aka Milwaukee) emcee/producer/beatboxer/visionary brings us a party anthem he calls Marvelous. Wasting no time, Mack immediately lets his audience know that Marvelous is his way of paying homage to Bob James, one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, whose composition, Nautilus, is one of the most sampled selections in hip hop history. Everyone from RUNDMC to Wu Tang has sampled this classic, while Mack gives us his beatboxed version at the end of the song. Just as profound, Mr. James has already given Mack his approval of Marvelous via their twitter and Facebook correspondance. The infectious, bouncy groove is a perfect match for Mack’s on point lyricism and catchy chorus. Kareem City Music (Ben Block & Mack) handle the production for this radio friendly opus that has the potential to create call and response situations with concert goers. With bars like “pause for the cause, lyrics broke all laws/gauze for ya jaws cause you’re not that raw/letterman better than most all of y’all/veteran green eyed emcee y’all” Mack’s pinpoint lyricism show and prove that he’s not to be taken lightly

Collaborations between New York emcees is nothing new. However it's not often the empire state lyricists trade bars with a barsonist from Kareem City aka Milwaukee. Ghetto Bastard showcases 3 dope verses from Twan Mack (MKE), Mike Titan (BX) and Queensbridge architect Tragedy Khadafi. Produced by Mack, Ghetto Bastard provides lyrical highlights from each artist. Whether it's Twan stating "they don't play hockey, but they usually keep a goalie mask/this ain't the 80's keep them hands they would rather blast", Titan's "every since the beginning to dominate is winning/superiority arguably the key to living" or the Foul Mahdi's "paper so long you can laugh at Puff's/and you ain't gotta chase a bag when a bag chase us", Ghetto Bastard quenches the thirst of those of us wanting bars for our beverage. Mack continues to provide consistent, quality material as he forges ahead with his Adult Contemporary Hip Hop platform. This is the first release for he and Mike Titan under the Bronx Bucks banner. 2020 will be an awesome year for all parties involved. (This record will not stream right away and is only available on Youtube)

"Main Concern" was influenced by Wu Tang’s “Aint Nuthin’ Ta F’ Wit” along with Gravediggaz “Diary of a Madman.” Mack unites the whole planet with hands up, know your worth anthem. “Kareem City got you in trauma/Heat up the scene like a sauna/I'm bout the biz not the drama/Won't tell no biz to your honor/Hope there's a long life in front of...” Collecting checks is Mack’s ‘main concern’ which is backed with bomb dropping lyrics and a catchy hook. “My main concern is my check / F*ck accolades and respect / F*ck them big chains on your neck / If you are paid then you set / If you owe dough pay your debt…” If the throwback vibe including classic head-nodding bass and flawless lyricism isn’t enough for Hip Hop enthusiasts, Mack tops it off with a personal ear enticing beat-box flow.

"If I go to hell, we gon' go there together." Those are opening lines from "Rewind" a single by Twan Mack and Solana, which set the tone for the remainder of the song. Written mostly in Mack's living room, the duo had to pull from some of the darkest parts of themselves to bring the single to life. In "Rewind" the unlikely duo speak from the perspective of the cheater and shed light on the internal monologue that occurs right after the act. Themes of lust, regret, love, and anger make for a 'spicy' listen of Twan Mack and Solana's latest single available on all platforms.

"Hip-Hop lifer Twan Mack releases visuals for his calling card, “A Rap Song." The track (also produced by Mack) is a minute and a half long mission statement referencing his love of all things Milwaukee and legendary artists. This passion is evident through the video with both live action and animated sequences." - Weekly Rap Gods


Time after time social media is used with negative results. Twitter wars, Facebook fights and Instagram incidents occur daily worldwide. It’s rare that positive fruits are bared, but in some cases magic occurs. In early 2019 BX emcee Mike Titan stumbled across Kareem City veteran producer/emcee, Twan Mack. Titan’s beastie bars immediately captivated Mack and the two forged a brotherhood via IG. What ensued was Bronx/Milwaukee sound the two aptly named Bronx Bucks. With production from Mack, both spitters bring forth lyrical gems, with topics ranging from the unreleased “My Attorney” to their current opus “Bronx Bucks” where the two swing for the lyrical fences over a trance styled, trunk thumper. Early indications are these two will continue to feed us combo jewels, while tending to their individual solo careers. Bronx Bucks definitely delivers the goods with bars from Titan such as “Body shit in one cut, you bargaining for one dub/I’m carbonating one love, can’t carbon date what one does” or Twan stating “Once you get you get your spinach, bring hustling to a finish/And maybe be a landlord, collecting rent from the tenants.” Stay tuned world…

“Have A Nice Day” entices listeners in with knocking bass and transcends them on a journey filled with infinite wordplay feasting on grind and hustle while dismissing naysayers. “Your fake smiles and handshakes I notice from you, stay foul but dead prez I’m foldin em you’…” Owning forward strides in the industry trenches, the witty wordsmith declares “I’m a mad man on the loose with beats and rhymes, life is just a mountain watch me I’m gon’ climb, always been a hustler I did my time, never had a co-defendant in my crime.” The catchy hook, “you got nothing nice to say then have a nice day, just stay the hell up out my way and have a nice day”, blended with striking drums and stimulating undertones is sure to have Hip Hop heads and turntables worldwide jumping. -On The Scene NY

TWAN MACK, The Story

Emcee, producer, CEO, and entrepreneur Twan Mack has proven his national reign in Adult Contemporary Hip Hop via captivating and quality music. Mack is noted and recognized for his versatility and diverse perspectives delivered through his music. “I entertain and educate simultaneously.”

Mack’s production credits include Hip Hop pioneer, Multi-Platinum and Grammy-Award winning Speech of Arrested Development, with whom Mack will be touring with in the fall, and Stricklin of EMC (Masta Ace). Over the past year Mack’s recorded music with other elite emcees including IshDarr, Skyzoo, Ras Kass, and Tragedy Khadafi. His music can be streamed on noteworthy media sites such as Hip Hop DX, EARMILK, The Word Is Bond, Weekly Rap Gods, and Premier Wuz Here.

Twan Mack will be touring overseas with Arrested Development and with DJ Chuck Chillout for his Respect The DJ Tour once international travel resumes from the global pandemic. To date, Mack is curating magic on forthcoming projects and continues to flourish in his apparel and merchandise brand, Nostalgic Visuals.


Bookings & Business Inquiries: TwanMackBusiness@gmail.com

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