January Conspiracy 365 Gabrielle lord

The genre of the book is fiction mystery. It was wrote by Gabrielle Lord who is an Australian writer who was born in Sydney, Australia February 26, 1946. She went to school at Kincoppal Rose bay school of the Sacred Heart. Then went to the University of New England in Armidale. She first worked as a teacher and a public servant with the commonwealth Employment service.Then she took a year off to focus on writing her first book wasn't a real good success but then she took the rest o her year off to write another and it did really good so she quit her job to full time write her books.

SETTING: The setting is in January in a town of Richmond Cal moves all over the city to different places. His first house on flood street but he doesn't spend much time there and then his other house where most of the story takes place on St. Johns Street. There are also parts where he is at the ocean on New Years Eve.

Plot Summary: In the story there is a kid named Callum Ormond who's dad died of a mysterious disease. Then on New Years Eve Cal gets chased by a man who is dying from a terrible disease. The man is trying to tell him something important that Cal's life is in danger. Then at first he doesn't believe until strange unexplained things start happening then he starts to believe is life is in danger.


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