Jupiter The 5th planet from the sun By Jackson


Jupiter's composition is mostly gas. This is the main reason that Jupiter has the big red spot.

The Big Red Spot


The diameter of Jupiter is 86,881 miles. Jupiter is about 11 times bigger than the earth.

The sun and temPerature

Jupiter is 483.8 million miles away from the sun. Because of its location it's very cold. It's got an average tempature of -234 degrees F.

The Average tempature of jupiter.

Jupiter'S Period Of Revolution

It takes Jupiter almost 12 Earth years to revolve around the sun. So if you lived on Jupiter there would be almost 142 months in a year. That means on Jupiter, each time you had a birthday you would be 12 Earth years older.

Jupiter Revolving around the sun

A day on Jupiter

Jupiter takes about 10 hours to rotate on it's axis. This is because of Jupiters size. The bigger the planet the shorter the rotation takes.

Jupiter on its axis.

Number of rings

Jupiter has 7 rings. They are Halo, Main Ring, Amalthea, Gossamer Rings, Adrastea, Metis, and Thebe. Did you know that all of Jupiter's rings are on the same side!

All of Jupiters rings.

Number of moons

Jupiter has 67 moons. Click on the video for more information.

This video is about Jupiter's moons and how they were formed, how big each one is, and what there names are.

Other Interesting facts.

The Great Red Spot has actually changed shapes over the years. Jupiter is actually the Roman God of the wind and seas. It would take 317 Earths to make the mass of Jupiter.

Credits: Google, sciencekids.com, nasa.com, Britannica Library Kids, duck steers.com, coolcosmos.com, The Largest Planet Jupiter Pages 7, 9, 11, 19.

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