Science Investigation To investigate the amount of litter in our community

What did we do?

We went litter picking in our community with our class. We are trying to save our environment.

What did we use?

We used......


:clip bord.

:plastic bag (black).

:litter grabber.

:tally chart.

We were picking up loads of metal,paper,glass,plastic and other things up from the floor.

Here's some pictures of us in action!

We collected all of the rubbish and put it in the bin.

In class, we wrote about our investigation and used the information we collected to create a tally chart and a bar chart.

What could we do next time?

We could go further around aberdare, count the rubbish that we collected in the bag and we could use more rubbish grabbers to see who had the most rubbish.

What else did we see?

We saw a big, flowing river where the water has been eroding the rocks and stones around it.

We also noticed that keeping our streets clean will also help keep our rivers clean too.

What can you do to help keep our environment clean?

Click on the button below to find out how you can help keep our community clean.


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