The Shiba Inu Empire token’s roadmap will entail long term and short-term goals. We have removed the specific time lines on achieving the goals as they are the building blocks to ensure sustainable growth and to accomplish our real use cases for the token.

✅ Launch Shiba Inu Empire token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

✅ Launch website; shibemp.com

✅ Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap

✅ Add generic roadmap

✅ Air drop free tokens

✅ Establish social media influence via Twitter and Telegram

✅ 5,000 Followers on Twitter

5,000 Members on Telegram

✅ Add detailed road map

✅ Add detailed white paper

✅ Design Professional Logo

List on the first exchange

50,000 Followers on Twitter

50,000 Members on Telegram

✅ Minor update to the website; shibemp.com

✅ Major update to the website; shibemp.com

Launch NFT token on Ethereum

Launch NFT Market

List on more than 3 exchanges

List on more than 5 exchanges

List on a major exchange

200,000 Followers on Twitter

200,000 Members on Telegram

Investment or acquisition of professional football (soccer) club

Integrate Shiba Inu Empire token into football (soccer) club merchandise and payments.


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