Ryan Marucci Marucci bat co.

The Marucci JB 19 is regarded as one of the best bats on the market.

Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ryan Marucci and two others saw their opportunity in the baseball bat market. They began in a back yard shed and used professional baseball players' feedback to craft baseball bats that felt and sounded better.

Their business was on the rise when Marucci bats started to be developed better than other bat brands. Since then, they have worked to perfect their bats in every way.

They improved baseball bats and that is what they used to define their business. Now, they also specialize in baseball appeal, protective gear, and accessories.

Now they specialize in more things than just bats

Javy Baez

They faced a problem early on, whether or not to buy that wood mill they will use to manufacture all of their bats or stay in their shed. They finally decided to buy the wood mill which has paid off tremendously.

Now, the advantage Marucci Bats have is that they are recognized as the new major league standard.

Like Edwin Encarnacion, many MLB players are using Marucci Bats

Now, across the nation, you will find a Marucci Bat on every baseball field and in every game.

They do not just specailize in baseball bats

Now there are many brands of bats trying to be the next Marucci, which means the customer can choose from many types of bats.

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