Chapter 29 Kevin Parente

Central nervous system:

Controls activity voluntarily and involuntary and also makes up of the human spinal chord which has a very important role in humans and also many nerves.

Peripheral nervous system:

Basically any nerves or anything outside of the spinal chord or brain.

Somatic nervous system

Part of the peripheral nervous system. It has to do more tith muscles and can control voluntary things that a human would do.


Part of nervous system. This is responsible for bodily functions but natural ones. This keeps you breathing even when you don't think about it. Also your heart beating goes with it.

Sensory neurons

Nerve cells. They convert stimuli from an environment to an electrical impulse.


Has to do with reflexes that we can't control. It transmits many impulses that we can't control.

Motor neuron

Nerve cells. It can indirectly or possibly directly control some organs such as muscles.

Neuromuscular junction

Chemical synapse. This is a result of a motor neuron and a muscle fiber touching each other.


This is a coup under that is always organic. It is used as a drug and functions in the brain.

Norepinephrine and epinephrine

They are basically just hormones. They can be released under certain circumstances and one of them being stress.


This is basically a really tiny junction. There is a small hole between them. Impulses can be sent through and diffusion could occur.

White matter

It's main job is to keep the grey matter together. They will also carry impulses though.

Grey matter

Part of the CNS. This is very important. It carries out many impulses and has a bunch of different cells.

Ceberal cortex

Outer layer of the ceberal in the brain. Made up,of grey matter and arguably keeps us conscious. Has the brain lobes too.

Lambic system

This has to do wit the other brain functions like memory and stuff like that. It is composed of many things.

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