Tour of the Harn Andrew Mullan

"Gloucester" by Childe Hassam

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I found this piece of art to be particularly striking because, although it is simple, it becomes clearer the farther back you stand, and it becomes fuzzier the closer you stand. The artist painted the picture with oil in such a way that all the physical details are visible from up close, while from far away all an observer sees is the "big picture," so to speak, since the minute details vanish and are not visible. I enjoyed this piece of art because my grandparents live in a town that looks just like this one, so seeing this piece of art reminded me of their town which has such great childhood memories.

African art exhibit
The room for the African art exhibit was very spacious.

Design of the museum: I particularly enjoyed the layout of the African art exhibit because it was spacious and all of the art was in glass cubes. Rather than walking through the exhibit and following the normal flow, this design allows the observer to bounce around and look at whatever catches their eye. The fact that everything was in a glass cube made it feel less authentic and more evident that it was on display, which was disappointing, but ultimately I understand that the Harn has to do so to keep people from damaging the art. This exhibit was interesting to me because I am not very familiar with African art, so I spent a lot of time bouncing around in no particular order from piece to piece as various items caught my eye.

"Secret Scene, Market Place" by Joans Lie

Art and Core Values: This painting displays a highly social scene full of interaction, which is one of my core values. I am a social person who enjoys spending time with others, so this scene piques my interest and appeals to one of my core values. When I see this painting, it instills a feeling of curiosity in me and an eagerness to be there. I am curious to know what they are talking about and what it is like to live there which makes me eager to go find out myself. I wish I could transport myself to that exact scene. Seeing the joy I get from watching what a great time these people are having interacting with each other affirms in me the idea that social interaction is paramount to living a good life, at least for me.

"Bicycles" by Stuart Robert Purser

Art and the Good Life: This picture represents the Good Life for me primarily because of the sense of community that is depicted. The people in this painting are engaging in an everyday activity that fosters social connections and bonds that better our lives. The fact that an artist would paint this means that it must be an important theme to express. Seeing this piece has reminded that I wish to always have a group of people in my life to share experiences with, just like the bicyclists are enjoying each other's company and living their lives together.

Citation: all pictures were taken by me at the Harn

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