Fake News

What is Fake News

Their are different types of fake news, some fake news is meant to be a joke that readers can understand. Today however people make websites that look like real news websites but are filled with lies. They do this to make money, but it can cause serious problems. For example fake news can even change government outcomes.

How To Spot It.

Fake can be hard to spot, but with simple steps we can get better at finding it.

1st look at the end of a websites name if it says .com.co it is most likely fake. (Eg. abcnews.com.co)

On the left is the real news website, and on the right is a fake version. Notice the .com.co on the right.
The picture on the left is the real CNN website and the picture on the right is a fake version. See the difference in the website name.
Notice how people used photo editing to make something completely fake look real.

Next you can go into the about us section on the website, and if it tells you about where the information came from its most likely real.

If you have done all these steps and are still not sure then you can go to the website (Snopes.com) and type in what you are looking for.

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