YOUTOPIA by eliana frazier

mission/vision statement

Are purpose is for everyone to learn self respect & to take care of themselves so then no one is un-cared for


We aren't focused on looks or what other people think. We want you to thrive and have the resources to achieve your dreams


Its all about you!

  • You have to be thirthteen
  • you must dress modestly
  • you are responsible for your own needs
  • you need to stay actively fit
  • your need to be eating healthy
  • you cannot harm yourself or anyone else
  • NO harmful substances are allowed
  • you need to get a high school diploma
  • you are allowed 1 hour of screen time a week
  • you need to be working toward a goal

Are location

It will be located on a island by Florida, then we can be away from the real world.

Daily Schedule

  • wake up (no later than 10)
  • get ready for the day ( be ready by 11)
  • got to school (if you choose to do more education after high school then you go to college, if not you will need to be doing something productive)
  • come home
  • snack
  • exercise or group activity (this may vary each day)
  • free time
  • dinner
  • go to bed by 10:30


Direct Democracy

This way everyone can vote for what they want instead of having someone else deciding for them.

Persuasive Appeal

leave the judging world behind come to be yourself at "YOUtopia"


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