Roman Inventions By Ty Sanders

Rome had many inventions such as Concrete, Aqueducts, Arch, Calendar, and many more. Rome used these inventions to the fullest.

The Roman aqueducts were a big help to the roman people, acting as a great source of moving water. They use concrete to make it!

Concrete was a great source to the Romans, they used it to build things such as the Aqueducts, Colosseum, roads, and many more. I personally think that Roman concrete was one of the best because it lead to many things such as roads, tablets, Colosseum, and many more, which really supported Rome and helped it out a lot.

Romes great invention helped us out a lot today because of the concrete they made had a great influence on our world today because we use it in our everyday lives. We use it in almost everything we do such as buildings, walls, sidewalks, and much more. It created a big influence on us because we practically need it to have shelter (wood helps too. But concrete is fire resistance.)

This video above will explains how Roman concrete was used.

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