Act I Dreamland

an endless ocean/gives birth to potent ideas/this is the dreamland
I dream of success when I'm stuck in my mind/ Anything that happens in my head I can rewind/ Examine situations, thoughts;ideas are unified/ I urge you, take some time, take a look inside/ Of yourself, you'll be surprised at what you'll find/
Deep inside my synapses are endless expanses/ the power of words can leave people in trances/ take them to another world no this is not Kansas/ my pen is my heart and this world is my canvas/ I put it onto paper then I use my mouth to transmit/ a million thoughts, running through my mind it's kind of frantic/ It may sound crazy to you but to me this is my sanctum/ I had a lot of people hate but I guess that I should thank them/ without that inspiration I would've never touched the paper/ now I let my light shine bright like I'm a lantern/
looking at the world / I've realized where I'm at / In reality
This world is cold, as a kid I was not told/ that life is a journey and innocence the toll/ the horrors in this world can damage one's soul/ my lyrics are food for the mind/ eat up until you're full
America, the land of freedom/ built by immigrants, now they claim they don't need them/ the rich talk about the hungry but do nothing to feed them/ people of color, together we are legion/ I keep hope that this message will reach them/ division has hit our country, it has left several lesions/ separated by regions/ we must come together and our kids we must teach them/ not to spread hate but to spread love eternal/ dreamland and reality, the struggle is internal


Created with images by Mr Moss - "West Berlin Sunset 6" • twinkletoez - "deadsea"

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