Cassidy Coldren One Point Perspective Project

A. Cityscape #1

B. My 1st cityscape was not successful. This is because I struggled through it. It was a tough challenge for me because it was the first time I have ever drawn a cityscape. But, through all of these one point and two point practices and drawings, I have learned how to draw cityscapes better. My skills grew and got better over time. :)

C. Practicing One Point Perspective

D. Cityscape #2

My one point perspective cityscape drawing after working in the packet.

E. In my 2nd cityscape there are lots of lines that I drew that bring the picture together. All of my orthogonal lines go to the focal point. There are also lots of shapes and colors in my drawing. I also feel balance is properly being shown because there are building on both sides of the road. Pattern is also being shown because all of the buildings are the same shape. It is also being shown in the sun's rays and the bench.

F. I feel that my 2nd cityscape drawing is successful. I feel this way because all of my orthogonal lines go to the focal point, unlike the ones in my 1st cityscape drawing. The practice in the packet really helped me understand and learn how to draw perspective drawings.

G. Fantasy Building Process (Two Point Perspective)

H. Final Fantasy Building Drawing (Two Point Perspective)

I. Questions and Answers

1. Before this assignment I knew absolutely nothing about Impressionist painters and pointillism.

2. During this assignment I learned about the technique Pointillism. Pointillism is using small dots in your artwork to form images instead of brush strokes. Our eyes combine all of the small dots together to make shapes. Even though this technique is really time consuming, I really like it.

3. Like I said before, pointillism is using small dots and marks in artwork to form images and shapes. In my fantasy building drawing, I used pointillism by drawing small dash marks all over with chalk. It really brings the picture together when you use the right colors. Using the colors that are beside each other in the color wheel really makes your drawing look best.

4. Impressionist painters used pointillism to show a new unique was of expressing art. Now we learn about it in school and still use the technique today.

5. Leonid Afremov is my favorite impressionist painter. I really like how all of his colors combine to bring the painting together. I chose this painting because its really eye catching to me. I really like all of Afremov's paintings. It was really hard for me to choose.

Name of Artwork- Forgotten Dream, Night of Secrets........Artwork by- Leonid Afremov.....When created-Sometime in then 19th century

6. & 7. Leonid Afremov is the artist of Forgotten Dream, Night of Secrets. He used pointillism in this artwork. To me, all of the vibrant colors really bring joy to the painting. There are lots of colorful trees and street lights. There is also a bench that really stands out in this painting. All of the lines go to the focal point which is good so the painting actually sense. The road has a reflection to it like it is wet like it just rained. Another reason why I like this painting is because I personally like the smell of the earth after the rain. This painting makes me think of that.

8. Because the lines go to the focal point and that there are lots of vibrant colors, I feel that the artist really did a good job at creating this art. I do feel like it is a good piece of art because of the same reasons. I do feel like others should see this piece of art because it is very pretty. Many people would probably like it, but others may not because the trees/sky are colorful unlike what you'd see in real life. I give this artwork a 100% because I honestly really like it and the rules of art are being used correctly. If I owned this artwork, i'd probably put it in my living room or my bathroom. People need to remember the rules of art (using perspective) and that they need to be used correctly to make a painting/drawing look good like Leonids.

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