Welcome to Michigan great lake state

first in the nation to build cars plant tart cherries and cucumbers, henry ford made the first car
michigan is most know for magnesium
and limestone, copper, gypsum
these flowers are apple blossom, it is the state state flower
as you see the bird on the right is a cardinal "the state bird"on the left is the detriot lions
Dearborn is one of history spots in Michigan
i put the amarican flag above the sports because i want it to mean peace
these are all the sports in Michigan that they have


Created with images by TerryJohnston - "Politics" • LadyDragonflyCC - >;< - "Splendid Pinks" • pedrosimoes7 - "Packard 901 Sedan (1932)" • JeepersMedia - "Olympic Team USA Sochi Winter Olympics Kellogg's Ski Team USA Special Edition Box" • Cea. - "Henry Ford on innovation" • James St. John - "Chlorite after garnet (Precambrian; Michigamme Mine, Michigamme, Michigan, USA)" • UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences - "Native copper" • PinkMoose - "the path of water, nicolas baier" • James St. John - "Rock gypsum (gyprock) 2" • VasenkaPhotography - "Spring Flowers at Beale Garden, Michigan State University" • Tiger Girl - "Vikings VS Lions" • davidwilson1949 - "20040620 15 Henry Ford Museum" • BigMikeSndTech - "Frozen_flag_2"

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