Tour of the Harn Matt Hausman

I feel that to truly appreciate this particular piece of art, one has to go to the museum and see it in person for multiple reasons. The first reason is the size of the artwork. When I was actually standing right next to the sculpture, I was in awe of it's size and thought about how long the artist must have spent on the piece. Another reason is the detail of the sculpture. When you are right next to this piece, you really get an appreciation for the concise detail in every inch of the sculpture. This piece of art made me feel like I was apart of something bigger than myself.
The layout and design of the museum amplified the effects of the actual artwork in the museum greatly. For example, in the exhibit with the ancient artifact looking pieces, the darkness of the room really gave the artwork a life-like effect. This exhibit was my favorite because it had a very ominous feeling to it. The exhibit made me feel like I was traveling back in time because of the design. Also, the way the artwork was set up also effected the exhibit. I think the Harn did a great job in where they placed each piece of artwork. In the picture above, the open spaces of this exhibit gave the artwork in it a very gentle feeling.
In the artwork above, I believe the small blue blanket is hiding a child underneath. This piece really speaks to my core values because the woman is protecting her child, and family is very important to me. I think the artist did an incredible job of portraying the mother's struggles through her facial expressions. I can relate to this painting a lot because my mom is a single mother. This picture really makes me appreciate everything my mom does for me. It gives em a feeling of gratitude towards my mom.
I believe this piece of artwork goes perfectly with one of our themes of the good life-seeking. I think that the girl in this piece is looking for something to better her life. The look on her face makes me feel as if she needs to find something. This piece really adds to my understanding of the theme seeking because of the look on the girl's face. To me, it looks like she really needs to find something in order to achieve the good life. This makes me realize that some people will be seeking something in order to find the good life for their entire lives, and may never find it.

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