Divergent by Daya brar

This book is about a girl named Beatrice Prior who is 16, lived with her brother, Caleb, and her parents Andrew and Natalie. There are five factions; Abnegation, who value selflessness, Dauntless, who value bravery, Candor, who value honesty, Amity, who value peace, and Erudite, who value intelligence. The Priors live in Abnegation. When all the 16 year olds from all the factions come together to do the aptitude tests, Beatrice was scared, although she did not show it. When she got out of her aptitude test, she was informed that she was Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. When you are ranked with more than one faction, you are called Divergent, which is very dangerous. During the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice chose Dauntless, the faction that values courage and bravery. She did a lot of crazy things such as jumping off trains, playing Capture the Flag, shooting guns, and throwing knifes. Since everyone said that she could change her personality, she decided to change her name to Tris. She met some friends like Christina, Al, and Will. She also met some rivals such as Molly, Peter, and Drew as well as her instructor Four, who treats her differently than the others, and Eric, a young but evil leader.

I liked this book so far because it has two of my favourite genres. Those genres are comedy and adventure. I also like Divergent because another book that is also adventurous, Hunger Games, is not as exciting and thrill seeking as Divergent. I also enjoyed this book because it had a lot of scenarios that made me relate to it. I also like this book because it’s very suspenseful throughout each chapter.One example of a moment with comedy was the part when they were playing Capture the Flag. When Tris climbed up the Ferris wheel, Four came along. The only problem was that he was scared of heights. The whole time Four was scared and his reaction was a little funny. One of many scenarios of adventure was the time when the non-Dauntless born initiates were knife throwing. Everyone could hit the target with their knives, but Al could not. Then Eric told him to stand in front of the target board while Four would hit right above his head. Eric made him stay there till he wouldn’t flinch. Tris came and volunteered to take his place and if she flinches Al takes back his place. Even though she didn’t flinch, Four purposely hit a knife right by her ear.
One connection I can make about this book is to Hunger Games Katniss and Tris. This is because their personalities have a lot of similarities. For example in the Hunger Games, Katniss is very adventurous as she uses a weapon on a daily basis, she risked her life dozens of times, and she volunteered as a tribute just so her sister wouldn't have to. Tris is also very adventurous because in the book on page 58, the last sentence said, “The hole surrounds me and I drop into the darkness.” As in she was the first jumper in the group. This is also because on page 174 paragraph 4 it says, “‘You won.’ Four mutters. ‘Stop’” As in she won in a fight against a tough girl. Another connection I can make to this book is to the factions and real life. In real life there are people who are selfless like Abnegation such as nurses, doctors, and anyone who would step up and give their life for someone else. For Dauntless their are people such as police officers, soldiers and firefighters who are really brave and would risk their lives to save someone else. People that are like Erudite are scientists and a lot of people because they use their knowledge for a good use.

Some questions that have been solved and some that I still wonder about are:

  1. Why didn’t Natalie tell Tris that she came from Dauntless?
  2. Is Natalie also a Divergent?
  3. Why was the factionless man holding onto Tris instead of being thankful for the food he got?
  4. Was Andrew angry at Tris because she didn’t choose Abnegation or was he really too busy to come and visit her?
  5. How did Natalie recognize Four?
  6. Was Four an Abnegation before?
  7. Is Eric jealous of Four?
  8. Did Tris’s parents ever notice that Caleb wanted to be Erudite?
  9. What pushed Four to not want to be a leader?
  10. Does Christina die when Eric makes her hang against the fence?
  11. Why can’t the 16 year olds tell their parents what they want to choose?
  12. Is it because the parents may influence them?
  13. Will Al be kicked out of Dauntless and become factionless?
  14. Why does Christina forbid Tris from telling Eric who stabbed Edward?
  15. Does Tris go to Caleb and tells him about the simulation serum?
  16. How does Natalie find out that Tris is a Divergent without telling her?
  17. Do Tris and Four end up dating?
  18. How did Eric grow up to be so cruel?
  19. Do some children break the rules of their faction?
  20. What made Erudite and Abnegation turn against each other?

One passage that I found interesting was on page 187 paragraph 10 when Natalie told Tris to go see Caleb and find out what the simulation serum was. I found this interesting because Natalie was already being suspicious but then it made me think that she is hiding something bigger. I also found this interesting because it wasn’t something that Tris would be able to do until a couple of chapters, which made this a cliffhanger. Another passage I thought was interesting was on page 34 paragraph 8 when Andrew was talking about a report about his co-worker Marcus and his son, Tobias who left Abnegation for Dauntless two years ago because Marcus abused him. I found this interesting because at first I didn’t realize it but after a while, I figured out that Four’s real name is Tobias. I already knew that he was 18 which made more sense because two years ago he was sixteen, during the choosing ceremony. Another reason I found this interesting was because this was one of those moments where the paragraph makes no sense at first, but later you notice that it carries lot of information .

One think I can infer that Tris is really brave. I can infer this because in the text on page 60 paragraph 8 it said, “Four--looks over his shoulder and shouts. ‘First jumper-Tris’” which is a big act of bravery. Another reason I thought Tris was brave was because in the text on page 163 paragraph 6 it says, “The knife is buried in the board, half a foot away from my cheek.” Explaining that she took Al’s place in front of the target to save her friend from getting hurt. The last reason I think that Tris is brave is because in the text on page 203 paragraph 7 it says, “When the nurse arrives, she tells me to step back, and I do. My hands and knees are soaked with blood,” telling us that she was helping Edward who was hurt instead of just standing there, like most of the other initiates. Another thing I infer is about Four and that he is a mysterious character. I inferred this because in the text on page 95 paragraph 7 and 8 it says,“‘A brave man never surrenders,’ Eric says, and Four and Eric stare at each other for a few seconds.” I found this quite interesting because Eric may have knew something the rest didn’t know. Another reason I inferred this about Four is because on page 125 paragraph 4 and 5 it says, “‘Why didn’t you get a government job?’ ‘I didn’t want one,’ Four says flatly.” Telling Peter he ranked first. I also found this interesting because if you would rank first you would usually want to have a good job, especially if it is in your reach. Except he did not want one, which meant something may have been stopping him.

I predict that Tris and Four will become a couple. I assumed this because Four always acts different with Tris than Christina and the other initiates. For instance, he showed Tris good fighting techniques. I also predict that Tris will go see Caleb and figure out what a the simulation serum is. Another prediction I can make about this book is Tori will keep on giving good advice to Tris and become a bigger part of the book because they are both in the same faction and it won’t be hard to get a hold of her. The last prediction I can make is about Four. Since I thought that Four may be a Divergent, he will tell Tris and will also tell her about his father abusing him.

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