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The apiary for Special Bee Products is currently located on the main campus of College of Lake County in Grayslake.
Reflecting the equal and respectful working partnership between keeper and bees, the hive community is content to just keep working, busy as bees.
This hive features a window that provides a glimpse into the daily activities of the hive without disturbing them.
This tray is thick with activity, and centrally located—an ideal place to protect the queen.
The bees harvest pollen locally from a variety of flora and fauna from spring through summer, yielding a spectrum of delightful honey with diverse color, taste and immune system boosters.
A wedge of beeswax could be shaped and purposed for candles, among other uses, that would burn longer, brighter and cleaner than standard candle wax.
Honeycomb is golden energy, powered by the sun, harvested and parceled by bees, a superfood that is delicious and healthy.
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