Harpy Eagle by mathew morningstar

The Harpy Eagle lives in the emergent

The harpy Eagle moves by flying.

A male Harpy Eagle is called a Tiercel a female is called a eagless an a baby is called a eaglet.

The Harpy Eagle is endangered.

A male weighs 9-11 pounds a female weighs 13-20 pounds


Created with images by jitze - "Harpy Eagle II" • smdantas - "Harpia harpyja" • jitze - "Harpy Eagle III" • Becker1999 - "Harpy Eagle" • RobBixbyPhotography - "JaxZoo-5-12-12-8401.jpg" • jitze - "Harpy Eagle II" • MarshaWheatley - "IMG_5343" • judygva (out of town until March 30) - "Harpy Eagle - Harpia harpyja, Belize Zoo, Belize" • Dick Culbert - "Harpia harpyja" • brian.gratwicke - "Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja)" • jkirkhart35 - "Harpy Eagle" • anthonydilaura - "harpy eagle" • Aaron Pomerantz - "Adult Harpy Eagle - Jeff Cremer"

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