The American Revolution (Wrap up) Use this website to complete your class assignment

Overview of the War

1. Gaining Allies (Pages 154-155)

Essential Question: Who helped the Colonists gain independence from Britain? (a) How did they "Help?"

2. Life on the Homefront (Page 155)

Essential Question: What was life like for all the Americans who were not soldiers? How did the lives of Women and Slaves change during the American Revolution?

3. Struggles in the South (p. 156)

Essential Questions: What tactics did the colonists use to defeat the British? What military tactics did the British use?

Traditonal Warefare

Guerrilla Warfare

4. The War is Won (Page 157)

Essential Question: What was the final battle? What happened?

The Battle of Yorktown Rap

5. Why did the American Win?

Essential Question: What advantages did the colonists have over the British?

(Fast forward) Watch from minute 37-45


Summary: Describe the American War of Independence. How did the colonists manage to defeat the British army? What was the consequences/ effects of the Revolutionary war?

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