My Visions Bryanna Schucker

Travel: See the world. Explore new places.
Career: Open my own full-service salon and spa.
Fall in love.
Start my own family.
Dance more.
Attend concerts and experience live music.
Run every morning.
Keep in touch with my close friends.
Lose myself in literature.
Expand my knowledge about the world and new cultures.
Get a new best friend.
Overcome life's obstacles with optimism.
Learn to actually cook.
Improve my painting abilities.
Write my own novel.


Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "sea boat clouds" • Pexels - "airplane clouds sky" • tremaestro - "massage therapy candles towels" • Pexels - "bride couple dark" • jarmoluk - "baby handle tiny" • koroed85 - "ballet evening sunset" • Unsplash - "concert performance audience" • skeeze - "running runner long distance" • AlexVan - "hands friendship hold" • congerdesign - "book book gift by heart" • skeeze - "eiffel tower long exposure lights" • missss - "dog dachshund animal" • skeeze - "silhouette soldier military" • congerdesign - "pot kitchen cook" • bodobe - "painting draw pencils" • Pexels - "fountain pen note notebook"

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