Children at war: WWII By: Kevin s. and Dustin s.

What are the hardships children face as a result of the war?

Many children perished as a direct result of Soviet policies. The authorities estimated that about 140k Polish children were taken and moved from their homes in the Soviet-occupied portion of Poland. Of these, perhaps 40k simply disappeared.In the Soviet Union, children helped patrol their neighborhoods at night to make certain that blackouts were being enforced. They filled sandbags and water buckets to prepare against incendiary bomb attacks and were enlisted to help in constructing antitank defenses before Moscow in the summer of 1941. Children were also actual combatants. They fought with partisan units in the Soviet Union and in Yugoslavia, among other nations. They also helped collect intelligence on Axis occupying forces. And in the last desperate fighting of World War II in Europe, Adolf Hitler pressed many young German boys into the army. But some joined on their own terms.

What ha d during the war?

Children were placed with other families, more often then not they were placed with Nazi families. They were either orphaned or kidnapped. Nearly 500k were kidnapped and 250k were taken from orphan homes to be "germanized" or turned into Nazis for war.

What happened after the war?

Now after the war, conditions were desperate in many parts of the world. In Vietnam many people had died of starvation, including many children. Conditions were equally desperate in other states. Large numbers of people were displaced by the war, left homeless and hungry. There were around 13 million abandoned European children at the end of World War II. Poland had taken almost a million orphans and France.

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