Erasmus+ Our week in Portugal

Day 1

We had presentation of all countries from Erasmus+ (Our future, our success), first Portugal,
Second ones-Poland,
Third ones-Latvia,
Then Romania,
And the last ones Spain.
After that we went to the House of Knowledge in Vila Verde.

Day 2

We had a lot of fun together even without our teachers.
Later we┬┤ve learned "How to be a successful young".
Then we drawed and presented our image of what a successful young should be like.
Later that day we visited a school in Porto.
Porto, the city that took our breath.
So beautiful.

Day 3

Visiting the mayor of Vila Verde.
Giving gifts.
We had a really wonderful time.
After that we headed back to school to learn Romanian and Spanish.
Bom Jesus, so gorgeous.
Visiting the center of Braga

Day 4

Learning Polish and Latvian.
Making the "Motivational Videos" for our future jobs.
Visiting the Nautical Club.
Canoeing :D.
It was a very cool experience, but we were really wet after that.
Then we were exercising.
It was one of the best experiences so far in our lives. We will miss each other ;(.

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