National VidEo game day

It is were you play video games all month long and every day you play video games. All the video games and systems are free. So you can have fun by playing all of these games like grand theft auto call of duty saints row 1 2 3 4 5. But if you don't play video games then play board games. If you are an adult then you would like to play sonic mortal kombat duck hunt pong and back to the future.

My month you can get games like resident evil 7 for free. You can teach you parents how to play video games. If you don't have a tv then you read the news paper then you would know that the tv are free to play the video games that's why if you are poor then you would be able to get video games for free and tv for free. You can go to stores like Walmart GameStop disreaply. You can have fun all month long and your parents can learn about the video games you play. Then they would start playing video games with you. So that is why I chose this day so family's can have fun.

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