Agricultre project by Keegan Rosenlund

What is the First Agricultral Revolution?

The First Agricultral Revolution was a period of time around 11,000 BC. During this time period, the behavior of humans began to change jurastically. They statred more farming, cultivating the land and raising and taming animals for food or companions.

Someone taming an animal(left) People gathering wheat from the farm lands(right)

This changed the way humans lived forever becuase it tought us how to get differnt types of food, construct villages and tame/ breed animals.

What is the second Agricultral revolution?

The Second Agricultral Revolution occured throughout the 1700s 1900s. The second Agricultral revolution went along with the industrial revolution. The second agricultral revolution was when greater technology was used alot for framing.this made farming allot easier and mre effiecient for sales, commercial reasons and consumption.

this picture shows some easier, more efficeint modern day farming.

What is the The Third Agricultral Revolution?

The Third agricultral revolution is more or so modern day. It includes way more technical advancements, intense mechanization and the most important of all, Biotechnology. Scientists are using biotechnology to basically manipualte the organisms to create simpler forms of food for mass production and sale.

This image shows all of the things that biotechnology can use to improve the earth and the health of humans.

What are GMO's?

GMO's, or a Genetically Modified Organism, is a plant, animal or other organism thats genetic makeup has been modified using a method called Gene Splicing. this can be useful to create cominations of plants or animals that do not occur in nature or breeding/crossbreeding. Down below is a photo of some pros and cons of Having GMOs.

GMOs change the tradition ways of farming becuase they also contain pesticides.Pesticides can be harmful and toxic gasses sprays on to crop to make them last longer and become more resistent to the invorenment.Some pesticides that they spray onto the crop is also really dangerous for human consumption; in which its meant for.

Whats the difference between subsistence, sustainable, and commercial farming?

Subsistence farming is when a farmer harvest crops for the goods of their own family. Commercial farming is when farmers grow crop and food for selling purposes. Sustainable farming is sort of a mixture of subsistence farming and commercial farming.

4 fun facts on agricultre

  • In 1954, the number of tractors on farms surpassed the number of horses and mules for the first time.
  • The phrase “buy the farm” is WWII slang meaning to die or get killed.
  • Farmers often like to plant really tall and dense trees of fruit farms to stop the soil from eroding.
  • The four major biotech crops in 2012 were soybean, cotton, maize, and canola.


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