National History day Celebrated January 1st

National History day

I believe that National History day should be acquainted as a holiday because I believe that History is just a very important subject. National History day would be beneficial to the bright minds of their countries, by showing them many of the things that happened before their countries came to be. National History day could also be a day of celebration, and a day of reflecting upon various topics surrounding History, with the best of all, being that it is celebrated with the first day of the year. With all the hype and joy surrounding the new year, it can be lead up to the day that we call National History day.

Who will celebrate National History day?

National History day would be celebrated on the first of January. We would celebrate National History day by remembering important events in our countries past, as well as different countries and their past. There isn't a real limit on how many people could celebrate this holiday. Since every country has to have some form of historic background to go around it, so National History day could be celebrated in many different countries around the globe. If there was a specific place where National History day would be celebrated, I would have to say the United States because of the ability to appeal to many, as well as the United States having a very factual and, in my opinion, interesting history overall.

10 interesting facts about "National History Day"

1. Many schools have taken surveys and have concluded that History, or social studies, is one of kids favorite subjects, so a National History day would be exciting for many students interested in these kind of topics.

2. According to a study, just like the one above, it has been said that many kids in America have lots of trouble when naming basic questions from our past (such as historic questions from the civil war, American revolution, etc) Knowing this, it would be beneficiary for a day like National History day to teach kids and adults alike on the past of our home-countries

3. There are many career opportunities that can be derived from a history major. Some of these career opportunities would include an advertising executive, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, and overall just many other different types of jobs.

4. Believe it or not, history can be used today to help make wiser decisions are smarterg choices. We can learn from mistakes made in the past made by ancestors base decisions off of them, which is why I believe we need to get children interested in history for future inventions and ideas, and National History day would be a perfect example.

5. National History day doesn't have to be specifically about education, but it could be a day for celebration. National History day could be the day that we look back on how country, and how we have adapted throughout the years, and big ceremonies could be hosted in honor of this special occasion.

6. National History day would be helpful for many people because it wouldn't be one-sided. What I mean by this is that most people's complaints about History or History classes is that you usually only hear from one perspective, and not the whole story, Which is why I think that many people telling some of the same stories, on National History day, you could see more than one perspective on the case

7. National History day is a day of education, but it could also be a day of fun! National History day would be a day of learning, but with a fun twist added to it. National History day would be an excellent learning experience, as well as a day to just have fun with one another.

8. The celebration of National History day would be held on January 1st. What is so significant about this day is that it is celebrated on the first day of the year, as well as right after the new-year parties. This is special because of the fact that all of the hype that is going around, and how excitement of the new year can be celebrated with National History day.

9. According to studies, students and adults alike learn more when they're having fun, which is why I believe a National History day is so necessary to have! A day where kids can have fun and learn at the same time is something many people spend years trying perfect, and a National History would e a perfect solution for this problem.

10. History can be used in daily life as we know it. History can be used for practical application, like he jobs said above, as well as it can be socially applied. We use historical facts everyday, whether it comes to talking to a friend, or using it as a practical application. Either way, History has made it into a common thing for us and it will stay this wa,y for future generations.

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